How do I add personalbookspace to my e-reader?

This depends on the e-reader. In any case you have to add the URL<username>/ to the list of catalogs in your e-reader and use the password of your account. Optionally you can also add the URL It will present a folder structure that is created from the meta-data in the books. This lets you browse through your books via properties such as Author, Publisher, etc. in any sequence.

Here are some examples:

Will it work with my e-reader?

At the moment personalbookspace has been tested with the following e-readers:





MegaReader (same as QuickReader, use /meta/browse/?lang=nl if your device is set to Dutch)

AIReader (no cover pages)

Aldiko 2.0 (/meta/browse/ doesn't work at the moment)

Moon+ Reader

If it doesn't work for your e-reader try to extend the URLs as follows:<username>/?type=application%2fatom%2bxml

How do I upload my books?

You can launch the webclient by clicking on your home folder, which is:<username>/

How can I synchronize my books?

You can launch the synchronization tool DAVbox, which is free for this site, using the following link:

This will ask you to log in and it will create the folder DAVbox in your home folder. In there you can copy your books and use whatever folder structure you like. Everything will be uploaded in the background. If you add books using the webclient they will be downloaded here.

Which platforms are supported?

You can upload books on any platform with a contemporary browser or that supports Java, which includes Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Free BSD, etc. Java is normally already installed on your system.

On Mac OS X you can connect Finder to personalbookspace and manage your books as if they were on your computer. The same is possible with Windows Explorer on Windows 7 or higher.

Do I have to enter any meta-data?

No. This is automatically extracted from the books, as well as the cover preview. You can, however, add more meta-data. This will not touch your originals.

How much does it cost?

The service costs 9.95 euros per year for 5 GB (21% VAT is applied for EU-citizens), which amounts to between 1000 and 3000 books, depending on how many illustrations are in it. If you read a lot of novels, you can easily store a few thousand books with this. It is possible to upgrade your subscription.

How do I find a book in my library?

You can either browse through the folders you have created or perform a full-text search. Most e-readers support this.

Why don't the previews and meta-data appear immediately?

The extraction of meta-data and previews as well as full-text indexing are done in the background. On average it will be completed within half a minute.